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Sport takes Camagüey

Sport in our country has among its objectives to promote its practice in the whole town, and fundamentally children and young people; but not only that age group needs it, but also adults and older people.

Such projection of Fidel Castro Ruz, referred to at the inauguration of the Orestes Acosta Sports Initiation School (EIDE) in Santiago de Cuba, on September 2, 1977, guides the work of this important sphere.

The Commander in Chief himself, on the 40th anniversary of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), raised the certainty that "talking about exercise and talking about sport is not talking about Olympic and world champions, it is talking about well-being daily and constant, it is to speak of full health, it is to speak of study and work capacity; To speak of physical education and sports is to speak of a science, of a universal activity”.

There lie the essences of INDER, which on its 62nd birthday had the sons of Camagüey as the main protagonist, visible in various spaces in the province, among them the populous Avenida de la Libertad, scene of demonstrations of the power of sport, sphere promoted precisely on the Island for the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, a "marvelous activity that not only helps physical health, not only helps to form character, not only helps to forge strong men of spirit and body, but also encourages the people, entertains the people, excites the people, and makes the people happy”*.

(Digital Writing of Radio Cadena Agramonte. With information from the website (Photos: Humberto Cid González/ Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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