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Provocations against Cuban duo Buena Fe continue in Spain

Madrid, May 25 -The Cuban duo Buena Fe was attacked Wednesday by fascist groups that tried to prevent a concert by the musicians in the city of Barcelona.

In response to the violent act, the leader of the popular group, Israel Rojas, said on his Facebook profile that he is not a violent man, but an apprentice composer who is a bit like a poet.

"Today, they wanted to drag me and Yoel Martínez, who is the noblest and most peaceful human being I know, to violence, and they almost succeeded," said Rojas.

And he gave infinite thanks to those men and women of solidarity who stepped in and called them to calm down, and others who without belonging to this network of friends were so cooperative.  "They knew that the aggressors sought to cancel the tour with a single blow."

In the midst of that fascist and irrational attack, a girl hugged me and told me: "No, please, you are an artist.  In her voice were all the women in my family.  We are fine, but a colleague received the blows that should have been for us," Rojas argued.

He concluded his comments in this post on Facebook, referring to the need to calm the storm and appeal to one of his melodies:

"We have seen the face of fascism.  Music is our strength.  The most violent way I hit the one who offends me."  (Text: RHC)

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