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Company from Camagüey signs letters of intent with suppliers at Expo ALADI 2023

Camagüey, Oct 4.- The Provincial City Tourism Company Santa María holds fruitful exchanges for the commercial management of its facilities during the Macro Business Roundtable of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), which ends today in Havana.

Carmen Hernández Requejo, general director of the Camagüey entity, explained that so far they have held seven meetings, which allowed the signing of five letters of intent for the import and purchase of inputs, raw materials and merchandise through alliances with the new forms of management.

As a result of these appointments, the company from Camagüey increases suppliers to its portfolio, among which are two foreigners from Colombia and Paraguay; while leaving open possibilities of cooperative productions in the future for the export of goods and services.

13 Latin American nations and a total of 364 entities participate in Expo ALADI-Cuba 2023, including the October Revolution Chemical Company and the private Moropo, both from Camagüey and with exchanges carried out, for example, with delegations from Brazil and Argentina.

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On December 7, The Provincial City Tourism Company Santa María will reach its 23rd anniversary, and its participation in the Business Macrorround that concludes this Wednesday in Havana contributes to the improvement of commercial, gastronomy, accommodation, recreation and transportation in the center of a city whose oldest segment is a World Cultural Heritage. (Text: Juan Mendoza Medina /Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: courtesy of Carmen Hernández Requejo)

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