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El Nocturno Offers: Sustainability and Acceptance

Vertientes, July 9 - In recent days, the UEB El Nocturno in the municipality of Vertientes has had a renovated cafeteria and affordable options thanks to the productive chains and the political and governmental management in Camagüey to achieve the sustainability of the offers and the acceptance of the people.


Ernesto de Armas Díaz, director of the municipal enterprise of commerce and gastronomy in that territory, explained that the challenge is to maintain around 10 liquids produced in the establishment in order to reduce costs, an initiative that is expected to be extended to other units such as the Vegetalito, which, in addition to the restaurant and cabaret schedule, will have new services in the morning.

He mentioned the Bamboo unit, one of the works in salute to July 26, which will also provide these options for the residents and visitors with greater comfort and quality services after an extensive renovation and maintenance plan.

Among the work projections, he highlighted the recovery of the pizzerias through links with direct producers, new economic actors and farmers, which will allow the development of different varieties of Italian food and reach the people with other services.

He added that in the 89 units of the sector, QR codes are enabled to make electronic payments through the two gateways, transfermovil and Enzona, the latter with difficulties in its implementation due to the connectivity in places farther away from the city center. (Text: Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero/RCA) (Photos: Yadira/ACN)

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