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Inauguration of the photographic exhibition "City of Mud and Fire"

Camagüey, July 9 - The photographic exhibition "City of Mud and Fire" by visual artist Argel Ernesto González Álvarez was inaugurated at the Fidelio Ponce de León Gallery of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey dedicated to the 16th anniversary of the inclusion of the Historic Center of Camagüey in the World Heritage List.

Under the curatorship of master curator Nazario Salazar Martinez, the exhibition brings together a wide collection of images that portray facts, characters and historical moments of the city, specifically in the memorabilia, those things that are no longer used but that keep a particular importance.

Salazar Martinez pointed out that in this exhibition there is a whole movement in relation to appreciating how modern techniques make it possible to recover the past.

For his part, Argel Ernesto Gonzalez Alvarez explained that he began to collect these images and old cameras just when he started to delve into the world of photography and decided to close the exhibition with more than 300 works of his authorship that reflect the contemporary Camagüey in order to offer a contrast between past and present.

González Álvarez has been leading the Por Los Senderos de La Luz Project for a year, which seeks to offer tools for the art of the lens, as well as concepts of history and the emergence of the manifestation. Since its creation, the project has become a space for photographic creation and the development of new artists. (Text and photo: Idaylen Rodríguez/RCA)

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