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Camagüey to increase local production of construction materials

Camagüey, Oct 12.- The local production and marketing of construction materials currently constitutes one of the strategic lines of development of the municipality of Camagüey.

Among the tasks planned in this regard are promoting mini-industries intended for these purposes and increasing the use of clay to make bricks, lightened blocks, joints and pipes.

It is also planned to manufacture alternative materials with the purpose of reducing the use of cement and manage local development projects aimed at promoting this front in the territory.

Likewise, it is planned to expand the plastic industry in the territory, crafts, creation of home furniture and formalize chains with new forms of non-state management.

In the capital of Camagüey, it is also planned to generate innovation projects to raise the level of automation of mini-industries and produce new products for construction. (Rodolfo Medina Hechavarría/Radio Camagüey) (Photo: Adelante)

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