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Manfredo: the strength to overcome obstacles and build the future (+ Photos and Audio)

By Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.

“I have dedicated my life to seriousness, honesty and work," says a man who inspires and motivates to build a better work. He knows well what it means to overcome the vicissitudes of life and become the best example of improvement and leadership.

Manfredo Melián Mora (the first from left to right in the photo), at 71 years old, with nobility and the strength of his gaze with large, clear and sincere eyes, professes the will to continue, to combine knowledge, as the greatest virtues of an incredible human being who does not see problems, but solutions.

“I started in the Ignacio Agramonte contingent, in Santa Cruz del Sur, and there I undertook several projects, including the territory's hospital and the Cándido González community hospital, together with the housing program and the maintenance and reconstruction of the community's ponds. shrimp farming, the modern boiler in the feed factory and the actions in two generator sets.”

He sadly remembers the years 2017 and 2008 when hurricanes Irma and Paloma, respectively, affected Camagüey, the first from the north and the second from the south.

“They were difficult days, but there was no time for regrets but for doing, that was and is the driving force to take on each task,” he insisted.

Social and economic impact works in the province and in his native Santa Cruz del Sur bear the seal of Manfredo's tenacity and discipline, although he confesses that many have hours of sacrifice and little time for rest and family.

“I have two daughters, fruits of a youth relationship, one is equal to me in character; and two men (both work in construction) from a marriage of more than 40 years in which together we follow the principles of the Homeland. She, although she is no longer physically present, is always present.”

Who would have imagined that this Veterinary Medicine technician started more than 30 years ago in construction and since then, he has been accompanied by seriousness and willingness to take on different actions, many of them with an economic impact, such as the Cement Factory in Nuevitas.

“Today my disciples are the ones in charge of the different tasks. I am still at the rear guiding; They don't abandon me, nor do I. I always advise them that they must be objective, analytical and defend the construction with dignity.”

With his helmet and on the job, he has taught several generations and recognizes the achievements of teamwork as a secret to growing in the face of difficulties, no matter how hard times are.

Manfredo does not know about defeats, even when almost halfway through his existence he lost his left upper limb in a traffic accident; However, far from being intimidated, he grew up and took on new challenges.

“I'm missing that arm, but I had plenty of it,” and with that same optimism he recovered after a heart attack a few months ago and maintains an enviable vitality that reflects on the results, convinced that the Revolution can count on him.

Delegate of Popular Power and to the VI Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, decorated with the Commemorative Medal 50 Years of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Jesús Menéndez, represent only a part of a man who, beyond recognition, is characterized by hard work.

Manfredo is that builder with a noble soul who walks steadily, convinced that the way is to move forward. (Photos: by the author and courtesy of the interviewee)

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