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Reverting units with losses, priority for the Commerce sector in Camagüey (+Photos)

Camagüey, Nov 29.- The search for strategies with the purpose of reversing the negative indicators, especially in the units that are managed today with losses, constitutes a priority for the Business Group of Commerce in Camagüey (GECI).

The above emerged in the meeting with directors of the 16 companies that make up the sector in the province, in which it was advocated to immediately carry out all the agreed management changes and structural transformations so that their impact is perceived before the end of 2023. .

Robert Larrinaga Quiñones, director of the GECI in Camagüey, said that although the retail trade circulation plan at the end of October was fulfilled, the actions to increase the offers of goods and services are still insufficient, since significant results are not achieved in the improvement process.

Customer satisfaction is also a pending issue, largely due to the high prices and poor quality of the products, together with the non-existence of fundamental raw materials, obstacles that persist in the operation of the Socialist State Enterprise.

Yelenys Hernández Montenegro, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in Camagüey that deals with the sphere of Services, spoke about the value of the responsibility of managers and administrators, and the application of alternatives to face limitations.

She also referred to the prevention and confrontation of crime and corruption, issues that do not achieve the necessary combativeness, while insisting on creativity and management.

Jorge Luis Calvaire, director of Merchandise sales at the GECI, highlighted the work of the two commissions that analyzed the companies with losses, which is a very compromised situation by generating the chain of non-payments and worsening finances.

At the meeting it emerged that of the 238 Base Business Units created, at the end of October 99 ended with losses, which represents 41 percent of the total.

Among the main points that must be reversed are the incorrect structural designs of the units since their initial conception, the oversizing of the workforce, the lack of knowledge of real income, and the lack of preparation and training of managers. (Text: Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero/Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photos: GECI Camagüey and the author)

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