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Camagüey unit La Vaquita foresees better yields in 2024

Camagüey, February 21.- With great potential in import substitution and product diversification, the La Vaquita Base Business Unit (UEB), belonging to the Camagüey Dairy Products Company, foresees better returns based on the development of the strategic sectors of the economy in the province.

Lester Buil Mandri, director of the UEB, referred to some of the assortments that are gaining followers in the population and that are sold in dairy houses and at trade fairs at affordable prices.

Cream cheese, cream cheese, modified Camagüey-style cheese, due to the lack of melting salts, and lactogur, are some of the preparations that allow us to maintain sustainable and nutritional offers, even when they do not satisfy the demand of the population. due to insufficient milk collection rates.

The above shows the results of obtaining products supported by science such as lactogur, in which, with 240 liters of milk and 30 percent cornstarch, a thousand liters are achieved in this process and food is guaranteed for the people of Camagüey, especially infants.

Buil Mandri mentioned among the projections the ice cream line that is planned to be installed in the factory, in order to continue diversifying the assortments, with the help of students and professors from the University of Camagüey, with whom they maintain constant ties.

Another challenge is to strengthen relationships with the 45 production bases with which they contract, an unfavorable issue at the end of January when 190 producers failed to comply with the agreement, 76 of them specifically in milk, which represents 19,900 liters of food. who stopped entering the industry. (Text and photo: Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero/Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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